As a Trust we define spirituality as something unseen; something we feel inside about our purpose and place in life. It is about awe and wonder of the world in which we live, asking questions, drawing inspiration from and being aware of something ‘bigger’ outside of ourselves.

We believe spirituality is not the same as having a religion or faith; a person can be spiritual without having a particular faith. When explaining spirituality to our pupils we talk about;

A sense of awe and wonder

Children are inquisitive. We nurture their curiosity guiding them to look at the world, with awe and wonder. We encourage them to ask ‘big questions’ about life, religion, nature, and curriculum subjects that interest them.

Care for nature and living things

We provide many opportunities for children to learn about nature and the role they play in protecting our world. We regularly visit wild and natural spaces. Our curriculum ensures children learn about the world and how they can care for living things. 

Wanting to love and be loved

Our Trust and schools are very caring places. We pride ourselves on our ethos of family. Through our Bring Friendship! Christian value, we teach children to care for friends, family and community. Indeed, our curriculum includes learning about those we love and who love us.

Children’s spiritual development is fostered through all aspects of our provision. We consider relationships and values to be important, as well as the development of knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes. We give children opportunities to: