Our Aims

Our Aims

 In our school we want to:


Be Curious 

Our school aims to nurture natural curiosity so that our children develop a knowledge and understanding and love of the World.



Love Learning

Our school aims to provide quality teaching so that our children develop a love of learning to enable them to achieve their aspirations.



Be Independent

Our school aims to promote independence and confidence, so that every child can make good life choices based on Christian values



Be Caring

Our school aims to be welcoming, caring and inclusive so that our children become kind and thoughtful members of their local and wider community.



Be Valued

Our school aims to give children a secure and happy environment so that they feel valued and develop a good understanding of their own and others beliefs.



Be Fit and Healthy

Our school aims to encourage children to be fit and healthy so that they continue to follow an active lifestyle and feel good and happy about themselves.